If You Fall At The Mall, Who Is Responsible?

BY GEORGE M. STARK, P.A. A common misconception is that store owners are responsible for injuries to customers on their premises. Generally, the responsibility of a store owner for injuries depends on the status of the injured person, i.e., the right of the injured person to be on the premises and the conduct of the […]

Rental Insurance: To Buy or Not to Buy? That is the Question!

BY GEORGE M. STARK, P.A. It is almost midnight and you have just landed in Dallas. Groggy-eyed, you make your way to the luggage carrousel and the rental car counter. Baggage in hand, the rental car agent looks you squarely in the eye and asks you if you will be assuming responsibility for damage to […]

Automobile Insurance, You Get What You Pay For

BY GEORGE M. STARK, P.A. Whether you are interested in purchasing automobile insurance or not, you are barraged by television and internet marketing efforts to win you over. It has been our experience that the services provided by most insurance companies: the “lizards,” the “good hands” and the “on your side” companies, etc. are adequate […]

Struck By An Uninsured Motorist, What Can You Do About It?

BY GEORGE M. STARK, P.A. Automobile accidents keep doctors, automobile repair shops and lawyers busy. Obtaining compensation for your damages may depend on whether or not the responsible owner/operator has adequate automobile insurance. In past issues, we have commented on the importance of purchasing not only the automobile insurance that is required by Florida law, […]

The Same Sex Marriage Debate… Coming To A Head

BY GEORGE M. STARK, P.A. The times are changing, as is the composition of the American family. The last vestiges of that which might be considered the norm, “Mom, Dad and the kids” may be coming to an end. Change came slowly at first, as we adapted to both parents in the work force and […]

Social Media and Your Injury Claim

BY GEORGE M. STARK, P.A. Gaining in popularity as a “cool” form of communication for teenagers, the use of social media has exploded. “Facebook” and “Twitter” are now second only to the telephone, as a means of interpersonal communication. Now, rather than call a friend or relative, people of every age and background are posting […]

Voting in the Upcoming Election… Why Bother?

BY GEORGE M. STARK, P.A. That which separates ours from totalitarian societies is the democratic process and an important aspect of democracy is voting. We have all heard it before. As Americans, voting is not only our right, it is a privilege and our responsibility. However, given the manner in which elections are conducted, which […]

Automobile Accident? Get Checked Out!

BY GEORGE M. STARK, P.A. It is not uncommon for automobile accident-related injuries to linger, even if they appear to be minor. Some people adopt a “John Rambo” mentality, believing that their discomfort will disappear without medical or chiropractic intervention. That mentality gives way to the reality that evaluation and treatment is needed, when discomfort […]

Announcing Our Tampa Office Relocation

BY GEORGE M. STARK, P.A. Our new Tampa office is located at 400 N. Ashley Drive on the 19th Floor of Rivergate Plaza. We have an incredible view of Tampa Bay, Harbour and Davis Islands. This building remains one of Tampa’s most identifiable, with its round profile. It has been referred to by numerous names, […]

Resolving Property Damage Claims

By George M. Stark, P.A. It should come as no surprise that automobile accident victims are often more concerned with the damage to or loss of their vehicles than their own physical wellbeing. Some people develop an emotional attachment to their vehicles. They grieve as though their vehicle was an old friend. Others experience economic […]