Announcing Our Tampa Office Relocation


Our new Tampa office is located at 400 N. Ashley Drive on the 19th Floor of Rivergate Plaza. We have an incredible view of Tampa Bay, Harbour and Davis Islands.

This building remains one of Tampa’s most identifiable, with its round profile. It has been referred to by numerous names, but is now most easily identified by the corporate designation “Sykes” which is appears in luminescent red letters near the top of the building.

We will continue to maintain our Wesley Chapel office at 29150 Chapel Park Drive in the Brookside Professional Center on State Road 54 next to Saddlebrook Resort for the convenience of our Pasco and North Hillsborough County clients.

Appointments may be scheduled at either our Tampa or Wesley Chapel offices.


It is expected that people will exercise care for their own safety when visiting someone’s home or business establishment. None the less, as we all know, it is not uncommon for people to trip/slip and fall and sometimes injure themselves due to uneven floors or the presence of a foreign substance on the floor.

Over the years of representing trip/slip and fall victims, I have come to learn that most accident victims believe that the home or business owner is automatically responsible for their injuries however, that is not the law. To the contrary, a Florida property owner is only responsible for those injuries received by visitors to his/her home or business resulting from a dangerous or defective condition on the property which he/she knows or should have known about.

Most “fall down” claims are concerned with questions as to whether or not a condition on the premises which caused the “fall down” was dangerous and defective and, If so, whether or not the condition was made known to the property owner so that there was sufficient opportunity to take corrective measures in advance of the “fall down.” A related question in Florida is whether or not the “fall down” victim’s failure to exercise care for his/her own safety caused or contributed to his/ her injuries.

To be clear, the fact that a person “falls down” and injures themselves while visiting your home or business does not mean that you are legally responsible for their injuries. However, as a property owner, it is crucial to have liability insurance to protect yourself and your business from claims whether or not meritorious and provide for the costs of a defense.

As a practical matter, most Florida property owners have liability insurance, as it is provided as part of the standard insurance package required by mortgage lenders for both residential and commercial property. Be that as it may, we strongly recommend that you review your homeowners insurance coverage with your agent to make sure that you are adequately insured for all contingencies.

Published on: Jun 2, 2016